Bac Lieu farmers to slow down shrimp breeding

 In the current state of widespread shrimp mortality rate, authorities in Bac Lieu province recommends farmers to slow down shrimp breeding time and next harvest may be at the end of July.

Current weather conditions are nor favorable for shrimp farming. Farmers in Bac Lieu province farmed nearly 100 percent of areas, equal to 125,000 hectares. Due to many reasons, there are about 15,000 hectares of dead shrimp.


Source: VASEP


Shrimp farming in Kien Giang

Kien Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said the Province has stocked shrimp in an area of 83,507 ha of brackish water surface, up 4.23% over the same period last year.

The industrial shrimp farming area reaches 1,285ha, improved extensive farming area 16,263ha, and rice-shrimp farming area 65,959ha. Shrimp develop well in most areas. Some have been harvested and yielded high profit. Shrimp output in the first five months of the year reached 9,465MT. Read more of this post

Pangasius: floor price and raw material issues

Feeding at a Pangasius Farm, Mekong Delta

Feeding at a Pangasius Farm, Mekong Delta (Source: Qualasa Expertise)

At the end of Q.1/2011, pangasius exporters are still grappling with difficulties. On the one hand, soaring input costs, declining quality of parent pangasius and short supplies pushed pangasius price up to VNS28,500 – 29,000 per kilogram. On the other hand, pangasius farming operators are struggling with untruthfull stories in many export markets and floor price realization in Q.1/2011. These issues were discussed at the “Conference on Pangasius Enterprises 2011 and Q.1/2011 export revision” held by VASEP on April 25th 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Pangasius price reaches its real value

“The pangasius export volume in Q.1/2011 raised only 5.2 percent compared with the same period of 2010, however, export value was up 21.6 percent. There was not much change in average export price in first three months of 2011 (based on shipment value), the price was fixed approximately at US$2.55 per kilogram. These features show that Vietnam pangasius will face many challenges in the coming time,” To Thi Tuong Lan – VASEP’s Deputy General Secretary said. Read more of this post

Quang Ninh: 20,000 ha for aquaculture in spring – summer crop

The aquaculture area in Quang Ninh province is expected to reach 20,000ha with an output of more than 31,000MT this spring – summer season.
Shrimp farming area will reach nearly 10,000ha, and over 1.5 billion of shrimp juveniles will be needed. Read more of this post

Kien Giang: Industrial shrimp farming area to amount to 5000-7000 ha in 2015

Kien Giang People’s Committee set the target to increase the industrial shrimp farming area to 5,000 – 7,000 ha in 2015. Accordingly, shrimp output is expected to reach around 45,000 – 63,000MT. Read more of this post
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