Chile salmon sales strongly raised in Vietnam

The Chilean Export Promotion Bureau (ProChile) said the country considered Viet Nam as a promising market for Chilean seafood, especially salmon.
According to ProChile, this nation is more and more being potential because of the tendency of Western food consumption habits of local people and a large number of foreigners living here. Read more of this post

Skretting new Video: Tracing the truth; New publication: How to feed 9 billion people

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Have a look at the latest video of Skretting regarding their program Nutrace. Click on the link to see the video Skretting, tracing the truth

They published a document that incent us to think about the future of aquaculture in a globalized context. Click here to download the document: How can Aquaculture contribute to feeding 9 billion people in 2050 in a sustainable way?

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Nemuro wants to cooperate with Vietnam on fisheries

Nemuro city (Japan) wants to cooperate with Vietnam on processing and consumption of salmon and mackerel (sanma). Nemuro which hast he largest seafood catches in Japan is heading to Vietnamese markets.

Three months ago, at the invitation of Nemuro city government, the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development sent the delegation to work here from 6th to 10th October, 2010 to establish the relationship of seafood business with this city. During the trip, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) Phan Thanh Chien and leaders of some seafood enterprises had the opportunity to visit Nemuro’s fishing ports and processing plants.

In response, on 12th January, 2011, Mr. Shunsuke Hasegawa, Mayor of Nemuro led the delegation to visit and work with the Directorate of Fisheries (D-FISH). Deputy Director of D-FISH received the delegation.

Mr. Shunsuke Hasegawa said, currently, the city has a 20 feet container of sanma and salmon awaiting export to Vietnam. However, the time of export registration and awaiting the results from local and Japanese authorities so long, thus, this container has not been exported to Vietnam as expected.

Recently, the strong yen makes the price of seafood expensive. However, the price of sanma – the speciality of Nemuro is still cheaper than others and is not competitive due to the local processing companies have not experienced to export. 24 sanma processing enterprises in Nemuro must export through other enterprises in Tokyo.

It is found that Vietnam is a potential market with the growing economy, much population, increasing Vietnamese people’s income and strong consumption power, Nemuro took the initiative to Vietnam to learn and discuss the cooperation plan on seafood processing and export in the future.

He said Nemuro is very willing to cooperate to export salmon, sanma; transfer the technology and technique to Vietnam. However, the current import duty of 18 percent is the big burden for seafood enterprises in Nemuro. To cooperate more favorably, Nemuro hope Vietnamese Government to consider reducing this duty to zero as soon as possible.

According to the Bilateral Trade Partnership Agreement, Vietnam nearly opens “door” for most Japanese seafood products. However, applying 18 percent import duty for Japanese sanma is totally reasonable. For example, Vietnamese tuna (especially yellowfin tuna) are still subject to the import duty to Japan of 40 percent higher than its neighbors. Vietnam welcomes the cooperative behavior of Nemuro city and wants to “open door” for many Japanese seafood products. Thus, to consider reducing a number of tariff lines, including the potential items of Nemuro such as sanma, tuna completely depends on the level of priority and the “open” of Japanese government.


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