Russia shrimp importers sitting on ‘huge stocks’

Russia shrimp importers are sitting on large vannamei stocks as the country’s new glazing law has led to sluggish sales, one importer said.

The Russian vannamei market fell by more than 25 percent in the first quarter of the year compared to last year, Igor Salagaev, marketing director at Russia’s largest shrimp supplier, told IntraFish.

“There are more than 2,000 metric tons of vannamei in Russian warehouses,” Salagaev said.

This means Russia is unlikely to import any more before the coming two to three months he said. “We have more than enough [until then].”

The main reason for the large stocks lies in Russia’s newly introduced regulation on glazing, Salagaev said. Read more of this post


Jan – Mar: Strong growth in shrimp export

According to Vietnam customs, in Q1/2011, the country shipped 43,500 MT of shrimp, worth US$398 million, up 23% in volume and 36% in value against the same period last year.

Japan, the US and EU remained the three largest markets of Vietnamese shrimp in this period, claiming respectively 24 percent, 21 percent and 19 percent of the market share. Read more of this post

Mollusk exports to Russia skyrocket in Jan – Mar 2011

In the first quarter 2011, price of bivalve exports to US forged ahead as the demand was higher and more stable. Growth in import of cuttlefish, squid and octopus was also recorded in Russion market.

At present, the US is the third largest importer of Vietnamese bivalve, after EU and Japan. In the last three month, US market has been the main “target” of Vietnamese bivalve exporters with the import experiencing three-digit growth rate and average price increasing from US$2.39/kg in 2010 to USD3.05/kg. Many seafood enterprises said the demand in US market would further increase in the future. Read more of this post

Seafood exports to Russia increased sharply

ccording to statistics, in QI/2011, Vietnam’s seafood export turnover toRussia reached US$24.8 million, up 106 percent over the same period last year. This reveals that Vietnam seafood gains prestige in Russia, one of the potential markets in Europe. In March 2011 alone, seafood exports to Russiareached US$11.35 million, up 181 percent compared to March 2010. Read more of this post

Shrimp export to Russia reach record high

According to the statistics of Vietnam customs, in Feb 2011, the country exported 10,495 MT of frozen shrimp, worth more than US$ 95 million, up 25% in volume and 32% in value over the same period last year.

In the first two months of the year, Viet Nam shipped 26,382MT of shrimp, totaled nearly US$242 million. In comparison with last year, shrimp export rose 26.4 percent in volume and 40.76 percent in value. Read more of this post

Improve quality and price of Tra fish exported to Russia

Vietnam’s Steering Board for Exporting Tra fish to Russia, which is jury for 10 firms exporting tra fish to Russia, has not sanctioned any case after two years of operation. Duong Ngoc Minh, head of the steering board, talks to VIR about effectiveness of this management.

How has the steering board performed?

On behalf of Viet Nam’s business community in terms of producing and exporting tra fish (Pangasius) to the Russian market, the steering board negotiates and agrees withRussia partners regarding production, price and especially quality management to meet Russian market requirements. Read more of this post

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