Whiteleg Shrimp Conference

The white letg shrimp planning in the Mekong Delta should be amended was what echoed by administrators, businesses and farmers during the Whiteleg Shrimp Conference in SOc Trang last April. 

How much whiteleg shrimp being produced in the Mekong Delta?
According to MARD, total whiteleg shrimp production in 2010 was 135,000MT. Its export value hit US$414.6 million, claiming 20% of the shrimp export and 8% of total seafood export of Viet Nam. Despites its important role, the species was not allowed to be farmed in the Mekong Delta until 2008. And so far, whiteleg shrimp farming is still a controlled industry in Viet Nam.
Dr. Ho Quoc Luc, Chairman of VASEP Shrimp Committee (VSC) and CEO of FIMEX said the shrimp processing plants in Soc Trang – a province with modest number of shrimp processors compared to others in Mekong Delta, particularly Ca Mau – alone gobbled up 50 tons of whiteleg shrimp each day. Read more of this post

Conference of planning whiteleg shrimp farming

On April 26th in Soc Trang Province, The MARD, Directorate of Fisheries in conjunction with Soc Trang People’s Committee celebrated a conference of planning whiteleg shrimp (vannamei) farming.

In Vietnam, whiteleg shrimp, originated from South America, was farmed for testing in 2002. After a trial period, in 2008, MARD laid down whiteleg shrimp farming development  as a policy.

Accordingly, Southern provinces were allowed to farm whiteleg shrimp but they must ensure planning area, irrigation systems, infrastructure for intensive shrimp farming. Particularly, the coastal provinces from Binh Thuan to Quang Ninh were allowed to raise in local areas. Read more of this post

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