Mollusk exports to Russia skyrocket in Jan – Mar 2011

In the first quarter 2011, price of bivalve exports to US forged ahead as the demand was higher and more stable. Growth in import of cuttlefish, squid and octopus was also recorded in Russion market.

At present, the US is the third largest importer of Vietnamese bivalve, after EU and Japan. In the last three month, US market has been the main “target” of Vietnamese bivalve exporters with the import experiencing three-digit growth rate and average price increasing from US$2.39/kg in 2010 to USD3.05/kg. Many seafood enterprises said the demand in US market would further increase in the future. Read more of this post


GLOBALG.A.P presents expanded opportunties for aquaculture operations to apply for certification

GLOBALGAP has presented the new revised version 4.for the Aquaculture scope, a 4-years intensive revision work has led to a standard that provides any aquaculture operation worldwide the opportunity to demonstrate good aquaculture practices across major categories, e.g any finfish, crustacean or mollusc farming activity can now apply for GLOBALGAP Aquaculture certification. 

Aquaculture Version 4 is product of public consultations with more than 500 comments received from stakeholders representing 116 organizations worldwide that comprise certification bodies, retailers, research centers, universities, NGOs, suppliers, farmers, Read more of this post

Jan – Mar 2011: Seafood export up 27.5 percent

In Q1/2011, Viet Nam exported more than 294,572 MT of seafood, worthy nearly US$ 1.15 billion, up 8.9% in volumue and 27.5% in value over the same period of 2010. 

In March alone, export reached 117,497MT, totaled US$459.4 million, up 27.2 percent in value year on year.

High growth rate was reported in the US (46 percent in value over Q1/2010) and to EU (23.8 percent). Export to Japan, however, Read more of this post

Mollusk and bivalve exports increased in Jan – Feb 2011

Mollusk and bivalve exports in the first 2 months of the year increases in all major markets.

According to Viet Nam Custom General Directorate, in Jan – Feb 2011, mollusk (squid, cuttlefish and octopus) exports reached 11,891MT, worth nearly US$56.5 million, up 25.9 percent in volume and 41.6 percent in value. Three largest importers were South Korea, Japanand EU. Read more of this post

Marine products export grew strongly

Along with key items such as shrimp and pangasius, marine product also played an important role in Vietnamese seafood export in 2010, accounting for more than 18%.

In 2010, Vietnam exported over 250,000 MT of marine products, valued at approximately US$900 million. In which tuna export value reached US$293 million, accounted for 5.8 percent of total seafood export value, mollusk accounted for US$489 million (9.7 percent), crustaceans (ex. shrimp) approximately US$112 million, accounting for 2.2 percent and the rest were other marine fish. Read more of this post

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