4 solutions to stabilize and boost Pangasius export

At the Meeting of Pangasius enterprises on 25th April 2011, the VASEP and its members were determined to speed up four solution s to stabilize and boost Pangasius export. 

In the first three months this year, Pangasius exports increased by 5.2 percent in volume and 21.6 percent in value against the same period last year. In comparison with Q1/2010, Pangasius export price was up 25 per cent. Chairman of VASEP’s Freshwater Fish Committee (VFFC), Mr. Duong Ngoc Minh, said this reflected higher demand in worldwide markets.
4 solutions
It is reported that 4 solutions to stabilize and boost Pangasius export, which were approved at the Pangasius Exporters Meeting on December 02, 2010, have been implemented simultaneously. Read more of this post

Whiteleg Shrimp Conference

The white letg shrimp planning in the Mekong Delta should be amended was what echoed by administrators, businesses and farmers during the Whiteleg Shrimp Conference in SOc Trang last April. 

How much whiteleg shrimp being produced in the Mekong Delta?
According to MARD, total whiteleg shrimp production in 2010 was 135,000MT. Its export value hit US$414.6 million, claiming 20% of the shrimp export and 8% of total seafood export of Viet Nam. Despites its important role, the species was not allowed to be farmed in the Mekong Delta until 2008. And so far, whiteleg shrimp farming is still a controlled industry in Viet Nam.
Dr. Ho Quoc Luc, Chairman of VASEP Shrimp Committee (VSC) and CEO of FIMEX said the shrimp processing plants in Soc Trang – a province with modest number of shrimp processors compared to others in Mekong Delta, particularly Ca Mau – alone gobbled up 50 tons of whiteleg shrimp each day. Read more of this post

Striped catfish farming in the Mekong Delta: A tumultuous path to a global success

This new peer reviewed publication is available from the journal Reviews in Aquaculture.

The abstract follows:

The striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) (Sauvage), also referred to as tra catfish or sutchi catfish, farming sector is an icon of aquaculture development in Vietnam and globally. Over a decade it has developed from a humble backyard operation to one that currently accounts for the production of over one million tonnes, employing over 180 000 rural poor, and generating an export income exceeding US$ 1.4 billion (2010). Read more of this post

Shrimp farming in Kien Giang

Kien Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said the Province has stocked shrimp in an area of 83,507 ha of brackish water surface, up 4.23% over the same period last year.

The industrial shrimp farming area reaches 1,285ha, improved extensive farming area 16,263ha, and rice-shrimp farming area 65,959ha. Shrimp develop well in most areas. Some have been harvested and yielded high profit. Shrimp output in the first five months of the year reached 9,465MT. Read more of this post

Dong Thap farmer fishes his way to snakehead success

When they got married and started a new life together, Phan Van Chung and his wife received a small gold ring and a rickety boat from their families.

Natives of An Giang, the couple moved to Dong Thap, another province in the Cuu Long (Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta), to try and earn their living there. Read more of this post

Trade boom in shrimp, tra fish leads to stock shortages

As the shrimp and tra fish rise both locally and globally, farmers and traders in the Mekong Delta are paying more for breeder shrimp and fish.

Most of the shrimp and fish breeding centres in the Delta have sold all of their breeder fish and shrimp, leading to a shortage and an increase in fries price. Read more of this post

Safe food chains established in HCM City

After three years co-operating with companies to develop safe food chains for essential items, the municipal health department has succeeded in establishing three – for eggs, pork and vegetables.

The safe food chains attest to strict adherence with food safety and hygiene regulations from the farm to the dining table, covering breeding, slaughtering, processing and distribution. Read more of this post

NACA, Inland aquaculture : Ramping up adoption of catfish BMPs

A new project funded by the European Commission will help Vietnamese catfish farmers improve their efficiency and profitability. The project will assist farmers to implement better management practices (BMPs), working in cooperative groups formed from ‘clusters’ of nearby farms.

Vietnamese catfish aquaculture has expanded massively over the past decade, with annual production now exceeding one million tonnes. Production is extremely intensive Read more of this post

Prices of agro and aqua products soar in Mekong Delta

Nguyen Van Dao, general director of Go Dang Seafood JSC in Tien Giang Province, said on April 21st that the price of Tra Fish (Pangasius) has set a new record.

Exporters have scrambled to buy the fish at an all-time high price of VND28, 300-28,500 per kilogram, he added.

However, Mr. Dao said, the volume of fish during harvesting was not much. Due to escalating input costs, farmers have not dared to breed more fish. Read more of this post

Costs, disease hurt shrimp breeders in Mekong Delta

Despite an increase in prices, shrimp breeders in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta are facing difficulties due to higher input costs and an outbreak of disease among their crops.

The price of baby shrimp, feed and veterinary medicine as well as costs to improve breeding ponds have increased strongly over last year, pushing up production costs. Read more of this post

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