Strong EU, US and Japanese demand to raise Vietnamese exports to US$8billion by 2020

Seafood exports are forecast to grow by 8-10 percent per year, with annual export value to grow from a current level of about US$5 billion to US$6.5-6.7 billion by 2015 and $8 billion by 2020, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam.

The US, EU and Japan would continue to be the three primary export markets for the nation’s seafood, accounting for 60-65 percent of total exports. To meet the targets, the industry would move beyond its reliance on current key products like tra fish and shrimp and develop the export potential of other seafood products, including tuna, tilapia, shellfish and seaweed, Tam said. Read more of this post

Exports to Japan keep growing

Of the export staples, seafood posted us$ 238 million, up 3.7%.

Vietnam ’s exports to Japan still increased in the first four months of this year despite the twin natural disaster in the latter.

Statistics showed that Vietnam earned $2.8 billion from export to Japan in the four-month period, a year-on-year rise of 24.4 per cent. The value accounted for 10.2 per cent of the country’s total export turnover in the period. Read more of this post

Japan: Good opportunities for Vietnam pangasius

In the first quarter of 2011, Vietnam exported pangasius products to 130 countries and territories in the world, with the participation of 178 companies. Exports in the period reached 153,062 MT and US$376 million, up respectively 5.2 percent and 21.6 percent over the same quarter of 2010.

Though there was not much change in export volume compared with Q.1/2010, the average selling prices to markets were dramatically increasing after a longtime drop. The rise was reported in almost markets.

There were 10 Vietnamese companies exported to Japan with volume of 141 MT, worth US$666.8 thousands, up 1.2 percent in volume and 35.2 percent in value compared with the same period. In first 3 months of 2011, value added pangasius product export volume reached 47 MT, valued US$347 thousands, higher than 11 MT and US$86 thousands last year. Read more of this post

Pangasius export to Japan

10 Companies shipped 141 MT of Pangasisu, worth US$ 668,600 to Japan, up 1.2% in volume and 35.2% in value against the same periode last year.

In Q1/2011, 178 companies of Viet Nam exported Pangasius to 130 countries and territories worldwide. Pangasius exports in this period reached 153,062MT, totaled US$376.430 million, up 5.2 percent in volume and 21.6 percent in value over the same period last year. Read more of this post

Jan – Mar: Strong growth in shrimp export

According to Vietnam customs, in Q1/2011, the country shipped 43,500 MT of shrimp, worth US$398 million, up 23% in volume and 36% in value against the same period last year.

Japan, the US and EU remained the three largest markets of Vietnamese shrimp in this period, claiming respectively 24 percent, 21 percent and 19 percent of the market share. Read more of this post

Vietnam seafood industry overcomes challenges

According to the latest forecast by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), seafood exports in 2011 might reach from US$ 5.7 to US$ 5.8 billion, higher than expected in the late 2010 (about US$ 200 million) and increased from US$ 0.7 to US$ 0.8 billion compared to 2010.

This forecast is based on the fact that global demand for seafood is increasing drastically, especially in large markets such as the U.S., EU,Canada, and Japan. This is an opportunity for Viet Nam seafood export to reach US$5.8 billion in 2011. Read more of this post

Price of raw black tiger shrimp hit record

 Shrimp price rose due to farmers focused on cleaning ponds for new crop, leading to lack of raw material. Moreover, demand for seafood products rose sharply in the global market and member entreprise of CASEP (Ca Mau Seafood Exporter and Producer association) signed more export contracts with partners, espacially Japanese partners.

According to Ca Mau Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers, raw black tiger shrimp price now hit record high in past ten years. Black tiger shrimp price (count 20 pc/kilogram) is at 260,000 VND per kilogram, Read more of this post

“Widen door” for Vietnam seafood to Japan

Japan is beginning to “revive” after double disasters. The countryconsumes 9 million MT of seafood per year, while domestic production capacity only reached 5.6 million MT. The demand for imported seafood is very large (more than 3.4 million MT per year).  For Vietnam seafood, Japan is  the third  biggest Japanese  importers with its import value of nearly $ 900 million in 2010.

Truong Dinh Hoe, General Secretary of Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers said the last few days, Vietnam seafood enterprises Read more of this post

Phu Yen: gets help to lift tuna exports

A joint venture between central coastal Phu Yen province and four Japanese companies will be set up in Phu Yen in the third quarter of the year to buy, process and preserve ocean tuna for export.

It’s time to boost seafood exports to Japan

The sharply increasing demand for clean food, including seafood, in Japan is considered a time for Vietnamese businesses to increase exports to this market.

General Secretary of the Ca Mau Association of Seafood Processors and Exporters Ly Van Thuan said contrary to a forecast that Read more of this post
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