India: Exports skyrocket to USD 2.67 bln

Seafood export earnings for 2010-11 reached a record of USD 2.67 millions despite the global recession’s after effects.

The growth is mainly attributed to a 104 per cent-increase in exports to the US, informed the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) in its provisional estimates. Read more of this post


Vietnam export successfully Pangasius to India

Three years after the fist Vietnamese consignment landed on Indian shores, imports of basa have reached some 1,500 tons. 

Yogesh Grover smelled a rotten fish when, in 2007, he moved to India. After having worked in Africa and Europe, Grover, director of seafood importer Empire Foods, was left cold by the quality of fish served in Indian restaurants. “Even marquee five-star restaurants were serving quality that was bad for the price they were charging,” he says. Read more of this post

Vietnamese animal feed imports face huge losses if Indian feed rejected

Vietnamese animal feed importers face huge losses if they are forced to return almost 100,000 tonnes of maize and soybean to India because of termites.

The feed arrived from India in early January and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Plant Protection Department has asked importers to return the goods rather than allowing it to be fumigated as usual. Read more of this post

US cuts dumping duty on Indian shrimp imports

The US department of Commerce has announced a reduction in the anti-dumping duty on shrimp imports from India to 1.6%.

The preliminary results of the Fifth Administrative Review on anti-dumping duties on Indian shrimp imports had undertaken a detailed examination of the performance of two mandatory respondents from India, Falcon Marine Exports and Apex Exports, before announcing an average 1.6 per cent duty for all other shrimp exporters. Read more of this post

India, Vietnam spar over feed quality, prices may jump

India has stopped corn and soymeal exports to Vietnam after Hanoi rejected cargoes totaling 50,000 tons over fumigation issues, threatening to stoke food and feedstock prices in Asia.

Traders from both countries have said Vietnam could be forced to turn to more expensive South American supplies, pushing up prices in Asia when leading economies there are battling inflation.

Vietnam is one of the biggest buyers of corn and soymeal from India, Read more of this post

India looks to barramundi

A Barramundi or Asian Seabass

A Barramundi or Asian Seabass (source: wikimedia)

read also: Vietnam export successfully Pangasius to India

 Barramundi in Vietnam: how to become billionaire

India looks to barramundi Some 230 kilometers from the east coast hub of Chennai, 200 acres of barren land is set to become India’s first commercial-scale barramundi farm.

With established Asia-Pacific markets for the species and big potential in Europe and the United States, this $3 million (€2.3 million) project could mark a significant step in India’s aquaculture development. The first phase of the project is set for completion in June, when initial construction will be completed and fish put in the water. By February 2012, the farm is set to send 500 metric tons to 550 metric tons of barramundi to market, processed in an on-site production facility. Around 30 percent to 40 percent will be distributed domestically, but the remainder is set for markets in Europe, United States and Australia. Read also – Selective breeding program to start for barramundi – Cell Aqua begins Thailand barramundi production – Barramundi: the anti-salmon? “We are in talks with a German importer and also some retailers in Switzerland… We have also had interest from the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy,” Santhana Krishnan, aquaculture consultant and project founder

Source: Intrafish

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