GODACO: VND20.26 Bln profit in Q1/2011

Godaco reported its after-tax profit increased by 12.7 billion against the same period last year (VND 7.56 billion)

The increase of the company’s after-tax profit in Q1/2011 was attributed to higher net revenue, which increased by VND71.6 billion (69%). In the first quarter, Godaco’s production and export price both increased. Average export price rose from US$2.6/kilo to US$3.1 /kilo. Foreign exchange rate was also higher.  Read more of this post

Godaco reached VND20.26 billion of profit, higher on that of QI/2011

Godaco (coded AGD-HOSE) announced the first quarter consolidated business results and showed its post-tax profit, up VND 12.7 billion on that of the same period last year.

Accordingly, in the first quarter this year, the company  reached VND179.75 billion of turnover, VND20.26 billion of post-tax profit, and VND2,533 of earning per share. Read more of this post

GODACO: VND 20.26 Bln in profit, up VND 12.7Bln year-on-year

Godaco reported its after-tax profit increased by 12.7 billion against the same period last year (VND 7.56 billion)

Three factors leading to the increase of after-tax profit in Q1/2011 are: First, net revenue rose 71.6 billion, equivalent to 69 percent, thanks to demand raising from foreign customers. Read more of this post

Godaco: Export clam favorably since early year

Currently, raw pangasius price in the Mekong Delta River is increasing rapidly, so many enterprises concern that export price does not keep up with it. Mr. Nguyen Van Dao – General Director of Godaco Seafood Joint Stock Company (Godaco) said plants that purchased all raw materials from outside farmers will face many difficulties. Read more of this post

GODACO: seafood exports worth US$ 4million in the early year

In Jan 2011, Godaco shipped 1,500MT of finished products worth US$4 million

Pangasius is now sold at VND25,000 per kilo in the Mekong Delta. Hiking raw material price became a headache issue for many export processors.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dao, Godaco general director, said those who depend entirely on outsourced raw materials will face severe difficulties. Read more of this post

Pangasius industry: GODACO a dynamique company

Mr. Nguyen Van Dao, General Director of Godaco Seafood Joint StockCompany (GODACO) said, in 2010, the company’s pangasius export increased over 15 percent in volume and 20 percent in value compared to last year.

In 2010, EU was the most stable market of GODACO with 70 percent of total export value. Besides, its export to some new markets in South America, Middle East, Asia, etc was also good.

Since August, 2010, the company’s 40 ha of farmed pangasius achieved Global GAP. It is expected that in 2011, GODACO will continue to get this certificate for more 40 ha of farmed pangasius.

Due to stable farmed pangasius production, the company expanded and enhanced the quality of its material areas and now its 100 ha of farmedpangasius meet 60 – 70 percent of total processing production.

In 2011, there will remain many obstacles to business activities of the company, thereby; GODACO will focus on investing in farming zone to avoid the difficulties in raw material. Currently, the fluctuation of exchange rate between the USD and the VND is also making advantages to exporters. Moreover, increasing the loan interest rate of banks has tired enterprises early this year. “It is hard to predict to export in 2011” Mr. Dao said.

Source: VASEP

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