Measures proposed to ensure Vietnamese fishers’ safety

A proposal has been submitted to the Govenment to establish control forces to protect fisheries in Viet Nam;s territorial waters, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat has announced.

The forces would inspect foreign fishing vessels in Viet Nam’s territorial waters or in waters in which Viet Nam has signed agreements or conventions on fisheries with other countries. Besides punishing violators, these forces would also provide disaster relief and support to search-and-rescue operations, Phat said.

The proposal was motivated in part by increasing incidents of violations and a steep increase in cases of Vietnamese fishers captured by foreign forces. Read more of this post


High fuel costs leave fishing boats idle on southern coast

any fishing boats in the southern province of Kien Giang are idle because of high fuel costs. 

Dinh Ngoc Thuan, owner of five fishing vessels inRach Gia City, said one of his fishing boats was standing idle on shore almost a month ago, while other boats were still going out to fish at sea. Read more of this post

Vietnam: Draft of National Seafood Processing Development Plan towards 2020 released!!

Though spontaneous, the development of seafood processing industry has made great contributions to promote agriculture and fisheries development, thereby making positive changes to rural areas, creating more jobs and higher incomes for the locals.

The industry, however, will play more important role when its development is schemed.
The 2009 statistics showed that seafood industry accounted for 4% of the nation’s GDP and 19.8% of the agricultural sector’s GDP. Seafood was the third largest export item of Viet Nam, after crude oil and garment & textile, accounting for 11% of the country’s export turn- over, providing jobs to over 1 million people or 4% of the country’s total labour force. There were as much as 568 industrial scale seafood processing plants all over Viet Nam. Read more of this post

A look at the Aquaculture Development Program in 1999-2010 and Development plan to 2020

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and Hai Phuong People’s Committee held a conference on the “Aquaculture Development Program” (ADP) in 1999-2010 and Development plan to 2020 on April 1st in Cat Ba.

Steered by Mr. Vu Van Tam, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Mr. Dan Duc Hiep, People Committee’s Standing Vice Chairman, the conference provided an overview of the performance of APD in 1999-2010 and plan for the next 10 year period. Read more of this post

MARD: Installation of satellite receivers for 3,000 fishing boats

The installation of satellite receivers will keep fishermen informed of approaching storms, low tropical pressure, and Northern monsoon, etc.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) said it has issued selection criteria for 3,000 fishing boats (vessels) to be equipped with satellite receivers under the project “Observation system for fishing boat, fishing grounds and fisheries resources using Movimar satellite technologies” at France’s ODA. Read more of this post

Tien Giang: Fisheries and aquaculture production increase in Jan – Mar 2011

In the first quarter of 2011, Tien Giang province saw a 4.7% yoy increase in fisheries to 48,861 MT.

Input expenses were increasing; however, outlet is assured and seafood products kept feching high prices.

So far, local aquaculture area has amounted 11,537ha, an increase of 7.3 percent over 2010. Read more of this post

Vietnamese Fisheries efforts to well implement the IUU Regulation

Currently, the certificate system for caught seafood in Vietnam is welloperated. Inspecting 5 percent of cases with the catch certificate (theCC) and CC grant measures have shown the lack of compliance offishing vessels with over 90 CV is reduced.

To support Vietnam in implementing the Regulation 1005/2008, the Directorate General for Marine Affairs and Fisheries (DG-MARE), European Commission has sent their consultants to Vietnam to review and assess the certificate process of caught seafood here. Read more of this post

Mekong River delta focuses on agricultural and rural development

Mekong River delta provinces are focusing on agricultural production and the training of rural workers to create sustainable development for the region.

Leaders of provinces said that provinces would produce 2-3 rice seasons per year on nearly 2 million hectares of land, bringing rice production in a year to 3.8 million hectares, with a productivity of 21-22 million tons, satisfying the demand for export. Read more of this post

New guidelines from FAO on the ecosystem approach to aquaculture now available

New FAO publication

New FAO publication, Ecosystem approach to aquaculture

The FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department has just released new Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries on the Ecosystem approach to aquaculture (EAA). The EAA is a strategy for the integration of the activity within the wider ecosystem such that it promotes sustainable development, equity and resilience of interlinked social-ecological systems. As such, the focus is not what is done, but rather how it is done. The main objective of these guidelines is to assist countries, institutions and policy-makers in the development and implementation of a strategy to ensure the sustainability of the aquaculture sector, integration of aquaculture with other sectors and its contribution to social and economic development.

The document can be download if you click here

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