FIMEX VN: Not only seafood

Saoto Foods Joint Stock Company (FIMEX VN) has built a solid reputation over the past 15 years as a prestigious shrimp producer and exporter in Vietnam. 

Gaining a strong foothold in many markets, the company is now targeting a new segment with much wider range of products, i.e. agricultural and mixed products.
Hight value shrimp drive growth
Fimex VN was one of the first companies in Viet Nam to process and export refined shrimp products to Japan and other classy markets. Read more of this post

Fimex VN: Strive to reach at least US$80 million of sales

Saota Foods Joint Stock Company (Fimex VN) has announced it business results in 2010. It was so positive with the sales of approximately US% 74 million. The profit of VND 25 billion, up 40% and 60% respectively compared to 2009.

Fimex VN said 2011 is promised to be a year of shrimp farming outbreak on the global scale. Accordingly, the price of shrimp will decrease under the law of supply and demand.

At the same time, there will be business scenarios under the changing situation of shrimp season. However, in general, shrimp production will increase over 2010. Read more of this post

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