NACA, Inland aquaculture : Ramping up adoption of catfish BMPs

A new project funded by the European Commission will help Vietnamese catfish farmers improve their efficiency and profitability. The project will assist farmers to implement better management practices (BMPs), working in cooperative groups formed from ‘clusters’ of nearby farms.

Vietnamese catfish aquaculture has expanded massively over the past decade, with annual production now exceeding one million tonnes. Production is extremely intensive Read more of this post



Aquaculture – a solution to the word’s increasing demend for animal protein.
Fish provides a vital source of good quality and high protein food for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The fishery industry sector contributes in an important way to world food security, in fact fish products continue to be the most-traded of food commodities, worth a record $102 billion in 2008 with a total world production of fish and fish products rose from 140 million MT in 2007 to 145 million MT in 2009.

Costs, disease hurt shrimp breeders in Mekong Delta

Despite an increase in prices, shrimp breeders in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta are facing difficulties due to higher input costs and an outbreak of disease among their crops.

The price of baby shrimp, feed and veterinary medicine as well as costs to improve breeding ponds have increased strongly over last year, pushing up production costs. Read more of this post

AGIFISH: Export tunover reaches US$14 million in Jan-Feb 2011

Agifish reported its revenue, export turnover, and post-tax profit last year amounted to respectively VND1,786 biliion, US$61 million, and VND48.41 billion.
Last year, Agifish purchased more than 56,000MT of raw materials. On average, the company’s daily processing capacity reached 200MT. Read more of this post

CL-Fish: Pangasius volume in the first growing season may reach 12,000 tons

The Cuu Long Fish Joint Stock Company (CL-Fish Co.) said, in 2010, the company reached VND 60.08 billion of net profit, up 15% in compared with the same period of 2009, completing 86% of its yearly target.

According to the Vietnam Customs’ report, in 2010, CL-Fish ranked the 6th among pangasius export companies and was in the top 20 largest seafood exporters in Vietnam. Read more of this post

Binh Dinh Province: 133 ha of shrimp breeding

According to Binh Dinh Aquaculture Division, local farmers have stocked shrimp in a water surface of more than 133 ha so far.

Shrimp are mainly farmed in the districts of Phu My (69 ha), and Hoai Nhon (43 ha). However, due to unpredictable weather conditions as longlasting cold, shrimp disease might outbreak. Read more of this post

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