Docifish: 20-hectare pangasius farm to be certificated by ASC

Two pangasius farms with the tune of 20 hectares are expected to be granted ASC certificate in 2012. If they are certificated, 6,000 MT of raw pangasius per year – equivalent to 2,000 MT of finished products will be labeled ASC, Docifish Corporation (Docifish) reported.

In late 2010, the company was granted GlobalGAP certificate for its 5 ponds with the total area of 5 hectares which provide 1,500 MT of raw pangasius (500 MT of finished products). However, the supply of GlobalGAP-certificated pangasius only responded to a small part of Docifish’s demand of 6,000 MT of fish for export to the EU market per year. Therefore, the company strives to get certification for 100 percent of its pangasius farms to meet the requirements by its traditional partners and to follow the global trends. Read more of this post


Docifish and the way forward

Docifish Corporation owes its existence to the indispensabledevelopment trend of the market for seafood farming, processing, and exporting. Despite constant difficulties of and fluctuations in Viet Nam’sseafood farming and processing market, Docifish has bravely directed its development in line with the targeted plans and business strategies which can clearly be seen in the company’s scale expansion given the fact that Viet Nam’s Pangasius has just been gone through critical challenges in 2010.

Merged from three companies playing great roles in the market for seafood farming, processing, and exporting, Docifish has been adopting one operating principle, that is: “For a firm future” not only for Docifish but also for the benefits of customers and partners. Docifish’s Board of Directors has continually upgraded the organization structure, invested in modern facilities, and expanded functional departments in order to make the company grander in the scale and competence.

DOMYFEED Aqua-feed Processing Plant

Being a member of Docifish, Domyfeed was founded in 2009 and officially came into operation in January, 2010. Thanks to the application of advanced technology and compliance to the stringent international controlling procedures for seafood feed processing industry, Domyfeed, though newly built, has been increasingly popular among farmers, thereby gaining higher prestige in the market. In addition, the company’s team of technicians and consultant experts pay periodical visits to farming areas which utilize Domyfeed’s aqua-feed to monitor the growth progress, share farming problems and work out best solutions for the farmers’ benefits.

Domyfeed’s operating motto is: “Healthy fast growing fish, farmers’ increasing profit” which serves as a commitment to bring about high-quality and prestigious products for farmers.

Besides ensuring the benefits of the farmers, Domyfeed has paid attention to the adoption of international standards such as HACCP, GMP, etc. Domyfeed is proud of being the first plant to be awarded GlobalG.A.P certification by Bureau Veritas in the United Kingdom.


The merging of Docifarm One member Company Ltd. is the next step in Docifish’s plan to build an integrated model. The farming area of Docifarm has increased from the initial 30 hecta to 100 hecta, partitioned from Docifarm 1 to Docifarm 9, located at the basin of Tien river, where suitable water sources are available for both quality and quantity for farming activities. Heading for sustainable farming and development, Docifarm regularly tests the water and put in place a standard sewage treating system. The source of water supply for farming ponds, therefore, is always well- controlled which ensures the health of fish and no pollution to the natural water.

Docifarm regularly tests broostocks, keeps track of the fish growth rate at farming ponds, and periodically carries out microbiological tests to prevent pathogens.  With the target of raising healthy fish which are toxic chemicals free, Docifarm has been building its farming system which meets the GlobalG.A.P standards and is approaching ASC standards. This helps to strictly control fish at farming ponds, creating trust among consumers, and most importantly, affirming the Viet Nam’s Pangasius brand in the international market.


Being a member in the system of Docifish Corporation, Docifish plant was established and came into operation in 2003. With a long history and great reputation for quality products, the plant has achieved many international standards such as Halal, ISO, BRC, HACCP, etc. and such prestigious awards as Vietnam Golden Star, National Famous Brands, etc. The plant was selected as one of the ten reputed exporters by Spanish consumers in 2010. The aquatic products of the plant have been consumed in many countries such as Australia, Spain, Holland, and Hong Kong, etc.

For further advancement in the future, Docifish will continue to develop with Domyfeed and Docifarm to create a closed production chain and produce products which are safe, environmental- friendly and sustainable. With the strength and potential of the merging, Docifish will continually boost the development of each plant and that of the whole company in general.

Docifish Corporation was officially established in January 1, 2011, promising to bring about new wind of development for the seafood farming, processing, and exporting industry. The company’s Board of Directors take responsibility for leading the company to fulfill its mission of developing Docifish – a brand of “High quality products for life.”

Docifish Corporation will accompany VASEP and the aquaculture industry to reaffirm that Viet Nam’s Pangasius is a safe, environmental- friendly product, which brings about not only benefits for consumers but also prosperity for farmers.

Viet Nam’s Pangasius, along with Docifish, will be companions of consumers all over the world.


Source: VASEP

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