Camau to enhance competitiveness of seafood products

In upcoming 5 years (2011 – 2015), Ca Mau, a southern province of Vietnam, strives to reach total seafood export turnover of US$5 billion or more with average value of US$1 billion per year. However, seafood processing and exporting industry in the province are facing with shortcomings, difficulties and challenges. The province should focus on solving these problems in order to bring seafood export to the cutting-edge industry. Read more of this post

CA MAU: 18,670ha of efficient shrimp-rice model

The project on improving the performance of shrimp-rice production models in Ca Mau in 2009-2012 and toward 2015 have delivered promising results so far.

Thanks to effective application of advanced techniques in farming, juvenile selection, environment treatment, and disease prevention, shrimp and rice productivity were high, respectively 6.3MT per ha per crop (industrial farming model) and 5.2MT per ha per crop. Read more of this post

Price of raw black tiger shrimp hit record

 Shrimp price rose due to farmers focused on cleaning ponds for new crop, leading to lack of raw material. Moreover, demand for seafood products rose sharply in the global market and member entreprise of CASEP (Ca Mau Seafood Exporter and Producer association) signed more export contracts with partners, espacially Japanese partners.

According to Ca Mau Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers, raw black tiger shrimp price now hit record high in past ten years. Black tiger shrimp price (count 20 pc/kilogram) is at 260,000 VND per kilogram, Read more of this post

Farmers cash in on shrimp prices

Despite the recent hikes in the rpices of inputs, shrimp farmers in the Cuu Long delta have been doing rather well for themselves as shrimp prices too have shot up.

Last month, feed manufactures including CP, Viet Thang, Cargill, UP and others decided to increase prices by VND150 to VND300 per kilogramme. Read more of this post

Ca Mau shrimp breeders face shortage of fry

The Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta province of Ca Mau, the country’s biggest prawn producer, is plagued by a shortage of fry for farming due to rising demand.

Nguyen Chi Van, who has a four-hectare prawn farm in Dam Doi District’s Ta An Khuong Dong Commune, said he has made three unfruitful trips to the district market selling juveniles for the current breeding season. Read more of this post

Ca Mau exported shrimp more positively

2010 was the first time that Ca Mau’s shrimp export turnover reach more than US$ 800 million. According to fishery experts, this item has great potential to increase both in volume and export value in 2011.

Ca Mau province has the largest export shrimp processing industry in Vietnam with 35 factories. In 2010, the province’s shrimp export value hit a record of US$823 million. Mr. Ngo Thanh Linh, Deputy Chief of Planning – Finance, Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said shrimp export in 2011 is estimated more positively. Read more of this post

CA MAU: Three leading seafood exporters

Ca Mau is home of Minh Phu Seafood, Quoc Viet Co., Ltd, and Camimex, three of ten biggest seafood exporters of Viet Nam.

In 2010, Minh Phu’s export turnover reached US$248.6 million, an increase of more than US$90 million over 2009, Read more of this post

Report: Vietnam improved extensive shrimp farming and Climate Change.

NACA has just released a report on climate change and its impact on small scale extensive shrimp farmers in Ca Mau and Bac Lieu Province, South Vietnam.
To download the report, click here
In Vietnam, small scale farmers and other stakeholders involved in aquaculture perceive that climate changes such as frequent extreme weather events have serious impacts on their farming systems (Udaya Sekhar et al. 2009) Read more of this post

High global demand bodes well for seafood exporters

Viet Nam was in good shape to reach its target of US $5 billion from seafood exports this year, experts said.

The area under tra fish farming in southernmost Ca Mau Province has grown smaller as more farmers face higher input costs.

According to the province’s Seafood Association, only 738ha are under tra fish breeding, a reduction of more than 100ha compared to previous years. Read more of this post

Ca Mau strives to reach US$1 billion of seafood export

Although Ca Mau Province planned to export US$850 million of seafood in 2011, enterprise and Ca Mau Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers are determined to reach US$ 1 billion this year.

To get this number, each enterprise in Ca Mau must register its specific target of seafood export in 2011 in which focusing on raw material.

Enterprises try to purchase raw materials from other provinces and countries; process finfish, squid and crab for export and enhance the management of quality, food hygiene and safety.

Besides, enterprises also strengthen the trade promotion and set up their stable consumption markets, specifically keeping and developing better the traditional markets and expanding new markets, especially potential markets.

For nearly 2 months of 2011, seafood processing production for export of Ca Mau reached 9,500 MT, valued at US$85 million, equal to 10 percent of the year plan. The main exporting markets were the U.S., EU, China and some Asia countries.


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