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Feed price rises trouble farmers

Since early this year, animal feed prices have increased by up to 50 per cent, causing Vietnamese farmers much difficulty, according to the Livestock Production Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Local feed producers recently announced an increase in feed prices from VND150 to VND250 per kg. The price for raw materials used in animal feed production has risen faster than the proportion of livestock product prices, reducing scale and economic efficiency. Read more of this post

Thai Union gains top-level aquaculture certification

Thai Union, Thailand’s largest seafood producer, has gained “four star” ranking by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) for its efforts in getting its operation certified to the group’s standard. 

Thai Union’s four-star status is the highest level in GAA’s Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program. GAA granted Thai Union the status following the group’s certification of two feed mills in Thailand, in Muang, Samutsakjon and Ranod, Songkhla, Thailand. The certifications mean the group is BAP-certified along the complete value chain from feed mills, hatcheries, farms and processing plants. Read more of this post

Official letter No. 707: Temporary guidelines for registration of aquatic feed legally used in aquaculture in Vietnam

On 26th May, 2011,  Directorate of Fisheries sent the official letter No. 707/TCTS-VP to aquatic feed producers and traders to guide temporary procedures for registration of aquatic feed allowed to circulate in Vietnam. The official letter aims to strengthen the management of aquatic feed quality, ensure effective aquaculture and food safety and hygiene.
For registration, aquatic feed producers must submit 2 files (including registration form, label of the product, product standards and so on) to Aquaculture Testing and Verifying Center under  Directorate of Fisheries – No. 10 Nguyen Cong Hoan street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi city.
Files excluding testing will be tackled within 5 days since they are accepted. Files including testing  will be tackled within 20 days since files are accepted.
Source: Pangasius Vietnam

VINH HOAN 1: Plans to earn VND1,200Bln in revenue

Vinh Hoan Feed JSC, a subsidiary of Vinh Hoan Corp and Wilmar Agro Viet Nam has inked an agreement to improve feed quality and promote sustainable development of Pangasius industry.

Under the agreement, Wilmar Agro Viet Nam will provide Vinh Hoan Feed Jsc. around 35,000MT of high quality bran, worth VND200 billion to produce fish feed.

This year, Vinh Hoan 1 sets the target to earn VND1,200 billion in revenue, and VND80 billion in after-tax profit.
Source: VASEP

Can Thai Union become the world’s largest seafood company?

Thai UNion Frozen Product (TUF), owner of Chicken of the Sea and John West among other marquis brands, has its sights on an ambitious revenue target what could vault it nearly to the top of the seafood heap. Can they do it?

In its latest investor presentation, the Bangkok-based group crowed about its record first quarter sales, and said the integration of MW brands, acquired in 2010, means the company’s four-year plan of $3 billion (€2.1 billion) in top-line growth by 2012 would “almost be met by 2011.” Read more of this post

Hung Vuong Corp invest in improving seed pangasius

To deal with poor quality of pangasius seed because of malnourished parent, Hung Vuong Corporation funded VND 4 billion for artificial pangasius breeding centers to improve the quality of food far mature pangasius. 

Due to the fact that parent pangasius were fed by low-nutrient food and scarcity of supply, many providers distributed low-quality seed pangasius, high dead rates which caused great losses to farmers and hardly meet the demand of raw material pangasius for processing plants, Mr Duong Ngoc Minh, Chairman of Hung Vuong Corporation spoke at the conference of reviewing fish exports QI/2011 held by VASEP on April 25th 2011 in Ho Chi Minh city. Read more of this post

‘Green’ farming key to exports

 The environmental impacts of aquaculture and sustainable production practices have become important factors in purchasing decisions made by export markets, experts said yesterday.

Farmers, breeders and processors should be aware of this and apply strict standards in all their operations, Pham Anh Tuan, deputy director of the General Department of Fisheries told a conference in HCM City.

The conference, which focused on tra (pangasius) exports, heard that Viet Nam exported 153,062 tonnes of the fish worth US$376,430 in the first three months of the year, an increase of 5.2 per cent in volume and 21.6 per cent in value over the same period last year. Read more of this post


Aquaculture – a solution to the word’s increasing demend for animal protein.
Fish provides a vital source of good quality and high protein food for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The fishery industry sector contributes in an important way to world food security, in fact fish products continue to be the most-traded of food commodities, worth a record $102 billion in 2008 with a total world production of fish and fish products rose from 140 million MT in 2007 to 145 million MT in 2009.

Costs, disease hurt shrimp breeders in Mekong Delta

Despite an increase in prices, shrimp breeders in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta are facing difficulties due to higher input costs and an outbreak of disease among their crops.

The price of baby shrimp, feed and veterinary medicine as well as costs to improve breeding ponds have increased strongly over last year, pushing up production costs. Read more of this post

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