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VN, Indonesia to expand fish farming cooperation

Vietnam and Indonesia will further agricultural and aquacultural cooperation in the future.

This intention was signalled during separate meetings of Vietnamese officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Indonesian Minister of Trade and Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, on the occasion of Vietnam ’s attendance at the East Asian World Economic Forum (WEF) 2011 in Indonesia from June 12-13. Read more of this post

New report: Blue Frontiers : Managing the environmental costs of aquaculture

A new and comprehensive analysis released by WorldFish Center and Conservation International (CI) has investigated the environmental impact of the world’s major aquaculture production systems and species, and offers a first-ever global assessment of trends and impacts of cultivated seafood. 

To download the report, click here

Understanding and quantifying the environmental impacts of aquaculture is essential for sound decision making. Using information about environmental impact, policy-makers can establish evidence-based and fair environmental regulations. Read more of this post

Nha Trang releases breeding shrimp, fish into sea

Nha Trand city authorities yesterday released more than 400,000 shrimps and 7,500 barramundi fish into the sea at Tam isle and Bay Lagoon to improve stock in the sea.

It serves as a call for everybody to protect the country’s marine ecosystem, Le Xuan Than, deputy chairman of the central Khanh Hoa Province People’s Committee, said.

“Besides exhorting the public to contribute to the protection of marine resources, relevant agencies themselves must take regular action,” he added.  Read more of this post

Camau to enhance competitiveness of seafood products

In upcoming 5 years (2011 – 2015), Ca Mau, a southern province of Vietnam, strives to reach total seafood export turnover of US$5 billion or more with average value of US$1 billion per year. However, seafood processing and exporting industry in the province are facing with shortcomings, difficulties and challenges. The province should focus on solving these problems in order to bring seafood export to the cutting-edge industry. Read more of this post

MEP Struan Stevenson at the meeting with VASEP leaders

The MEP and Senior Vice President of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee, Struan Stevenson has visited pangasius farms, hatcheries and processing plants in Mekong Delta.

Pangasius farmers and producers were waiting for his visit in processing facilities to show him the development of Vietnam pangasius industry and to make him recognize that his negative comments and criticism over the industry last time were totally wrong.

At the meeting, Mr. Dzung had a presentation on the development of Vietnam seafood industry, especially the booming of pangasius industry and its development steeps over the past 15 years, the achievements and efforts of Vietnam to satisfy international standards and to look towards the sustainability. Read more of this post

CA MAU: 18,670ha of efficient shrimp-rice model

The project on improving the performance of shrimp-rice production models in Ca Mau in 2009-2012 and toward 2015 have delivered promising results so far.

Thanks to effective application of advanced techniques in farming, juvenile selection, environment treatment, and disease prevention, shrimp and rice productivity were high, respectively 6.3MT per ha per crop (industrial farming model) and 5.2MT per ha per crop. Read more of this post

Scots MEP welcomes lessons learned on Vietnam aquaculture visit

Having previously raised concerns over standards in the Vietnamese fish farming sector, Struan Stevenson MEP, Senior Vice President of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee, has now acknowledged that EU consumers and aquaculture businesses have little to fear from growing imports.

With imports of Vietnam’s pangasius fish reaching 230,000 tonnes in 2010, Mr Stevenson had raised concerns over standards of hygiene, welfare, feed and fish health at many of the 1600 fish farms in the country’s Mekong Delta. Read more of this post

Struan Stevenson: “EATING HUMBLE (FISH) PIE”

Immediately after his trip to Vietnam, Mr. Stevenson wrote this op-ed article showing how the visit profoundly altered his wiews on Vietnamese Pangasius in a very positive manner.

Humble pie is a dish best served cold and eaten slowly! In my case, the pie was filled with fish. To be precise, it was filled with Pangasius. It is always difficult for a politician to admit to being wrong, but here goes. I was an arch critic of Pangasius, more than 230,000 tonnes of which were imported into the EU from Vietnam in 2010. Pangasius is a white-fleshed, freshwater-farmed catfish, commonly sold in our supermarkets as Panga Fish or Vietnamese River Cobbler. Most of it comes from the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam, an area teeming with fish farms, over 1600 of which raise Pangasius. Shrimp farms also abound in this hot and humid area of South-East Asia.

I made several speeches and wrote some strongly worded articles attacking this trade, repeating commonly heard prejudices that the Vietnamese fish farms were un-regulated and polluted and their fish processing factories were dirty and unhygienic. I could not have been more wrong. My first sharp rebuttal came from an unexpected source – The Institute of Aquaculture at StirlingUniversity in my own constituency. The large team at Stirling have been working with the Vietnamese fish farmers for years, training them on all aspects of hygiene, welfare, feeding and fish health. They gave me a half-day crash course. Read more of this post

Politician has change of heart over pangasius

Scottish politician Struan Stevenson has had a change of heart.

Late last year, the VP of the European Parliament’s fisheries committee took a jab at pangasius, calling Vietnam’s Mekong River where the fish is raised “filthy” and accusing the industry of “ruthlessly” exploiting workers.

But on Monday, after accepting the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers’ (VASEP) invitation to visit Vietnam and seeing the industry first-hand, Stevenson rescinded his criticism, this time calling the industry “dynamic.” Read more of this post

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