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BESEACO to promote clam products in Vietfish 2011

From 2004 to now, Ben Tre Seafood Joint Stock Company (Beseaco) has annually participated in Vietfish show where they found a lot of new customers for their clam products.

According to BESEACO, at Vietfish 2011, the company continues to display and introduce two main export items including pangasius fillet and clam. The company also makes an appointment with some partners from EU, Asia and the U.S at the trade show. Read more of this post

Experts warn of shrimp oversupply

As the world’s biggest shrimp exporter, Thailand employs advanced shrimp farming technology such as bio-security farming, a system that increase yield and ensure high quality. However, farmers manager biosecured farms differently depending on their capital.

The attractive price of Thai shrimp will encourage farmers to breed more shrimp in pursuit of high profits. But fast-expanding farm areas could damage the business as farmers might ignore quality and bring about oversupply, leading to problems when the price drops, warned Somsak Paneetatyasai, president of the Thai Shrimp Association. Read more of this post

Import tariffs must go, say EU processors

Tariffs on imports of seafood raw material into the European Union must go, said the head of the EU Fish Processors and Traders Association (AIPCE-CEP). “Measures that seek to protect EU markets from third country competition are outdated and should no longer be part of EU policy,” the AIPCE-CEP said on June 15

Today, the majority of seafood raw material imported into the EU for processing is subject to trade barriers such as import duties, Guus Pastor, president of the AIPCE-CEP, told IntraFish. Although there are exceptions, such as cod from the Barents Sea, the majority remains subject to prohibitive duties.  Read more of this post

Fisheries processors struggling with hardships

The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors (VASEP) on June 14 organised a conference to report export situation as well as the serious shortage of materials.

Truong Dinh Hoe, general Secretary of VASEP, reported that the shrimp export so gar has accounted for 35.5 percent of the country’s total seafood export turnover. Mekong Delta now has 213,500 hectares of shrimp raising area, expected to reach the output of 213,000 tonnes – the great supply for export. But, due to epidemic, 52,270 ha of shrimp raising area here was damaged seriously for which the processors are facing shortage of materials for export. Read more of this post

VN, Indonesia to expand fish farming cooperation

Vietnam and Indonesia will further agricultural and aquacultural cooperation in the future.

This intention was signalled during separate meetings of Vietnamese officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Indonesian Minister of Trade and Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, on the occasion of Vietnam ’s attendance at the East Asian World Economic Forum (WEF) 2011 in Indonesia from June 12-13. Read more of this post

New report: Blue Frontiers : Managing the environmental costs of aquaculture

A new and comprehensive analysis released by WorldFish Center and Conservation International (CI) has investigated the environmental impact of the world’s major aquaculture production systems and species, and offers a first-ever global assessment of trends and impacts of cultivated seafood. 

To download the report, click here

Understanding and quantifying the environmental impacts of aquaculture is essential for sound decision making. Using information about environmental impact, policy-makers can establish evidence-based and fair environmental regulations. Read more of this post

Jan-April: Seafood exports up 26 percent in value

In April 2011, Vietnam’s Seafood exportes reached nearly US$ 466 million in value, up 23.5 % against the same period last year.  

Seafood exports in Jan-April amounted to more than 404MT, worth US$1.6 billion, up 7.1 percent in volume and 26.3 percent in value over the same period last year.
Seafood exports to worldwide market during Jan-April are as follows:

Shrimp: 61,338MT (up 20%), US$573 million (up 34%). Average price to most export markets increased, for example, average export price to EU is at US$9.33 per kilo. Read more of this post

Vietnam: Marine Farms’ cobia sales quadruple

Marine Farms Vietnam on Tuesday announced that sales of the company’s akvacobia brand farmed cobia have increased from 5,000 pounds to 20,000 pounps per month during the first four months of its official launch in the U.S. market.

The cobia has proved popular over a wide spectrum of the market, including grocery-store chains, cruise-ship lines, casinos and seafood restaurants and markets, and retail sales have been particularly strong in the Midwest where mild whitefish are especially popular, according to Marine Farms Vietnam. Read more of this post

22 Vietnamese firms enjoy shrimp anti-dumping duty at 0.01%

In response to the decision of the US Court of Trade INternational, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) has announced its ammendment on final anti-dumping duty on shrimp import from Vietnam in the period from February 1st 2006 to January 1st 2007. 

According to the DOC’s list, all 22 Vietnamese shrimp exporters enjoy the tax of 0.01 percent. According to representatives of VASEP, if the verdict has no appeal, DOC will instruct the US Customs and Border Protection to impose anti-dumping tariffs for shipments imported the US market according to the amended tax and this is great news for our country’s shrimp exports. Read more of this post
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