About VSN

Asia is moving. To ensure the development of your organization, we will accompany you in the expansion of your activities in the Asian Agro Business industries.

VSN is a consultancy company based in the heart of South East Asia (SEA) with several offices in Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. We dedicate our work for the sustainable development of agro value chains in Asia.

Aquaculture, Livestock and Crop production are key sectors that are developing very fast, leading Asia to be the world biggest supplier of agro commodities.

With our deep understanding of the Agro Business, we propose you to accompany the development of your organization in the most dynamic region of the world!

Our vision of entire value chain is based on the understanding of the different steps of agro production: from genetic to export considering production, health and crop protection as well as feed management, logistic and financial issues.

Multidisciplinarity and experience of our team and partners will ensure you to be part of the fast move of the Asian agriculture development.

You will not have a second chance. Let’s move!


Our values

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children”

– Sustainable intensification

– Economical efficiency

– Minimized environmental impact

– Farmer organization

We are deeply convinced that South East Asia is THE place to be for Agro Development. But the most populated region of the world need sustainable development to ensure consistent supply of quality food products.

Sustainability does not encompass only environmental issues. We consider social and economical sustainability as important as the limitation of environmental impacts. So we motivate our work to ensure profitability for all our partners. We estimate that development can only be done in a market driven way.

Water resources, fertility of soils, respect of local population are our everyday concerns while we support companies to produce more and better.

With a holistic approach, we believe in Sustainable intensification of production and estimate that only technological leaps will lead satisfaction of the world food demand in the coming years. To achieve that, we must be sure that smallholders are working hand in hand in common organization. Only farmer group will allow consistency of the supply.

Our objectives

We aim to support foreign companies to develop their Agro activities in SEA…

… and Asian Companies to lead their sector on their national markets.

We aim to facilitate comprehension of production system or value chain in SEA through on-site analysis, network sharing, and industry analysis.

We target the economical, social and environmental sustainable development of Agro Industries in Asia. We are very well knowledgeable about certification process and quality assurance.

We support the knowledge transfer to Asian Agro actors to increase efficiency of Food Value Chain. This is done through creation of knowledge platform and expertise network.

We give a focus on smallholder organization. Smallholder represents 90% of food production in a country like Vietnam. Organizing themselves, ensuring traceability, quality and access to the right input is vital for the development of Agro Industry in Asia.


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