BESEACO to promote clam products in Vietfish 2011

From 2004 to now, Ben Tre Seafood Joint Stock Company (Beseaco) has annually participated in Vietfish show where they found a lot of new customers for their clam products.

According to BESEACO, at Vietfish 2011, the company continues to display and introduce two main export items including pangasius fillet and clam. The company also makes an appointment with some partners from EU, Asia and the U.S at the trade show.
At Vietfish 2010, customers from the U.S had interested in Vietnam clam products. The company signed some great contracts with them and maintained the good cooperation.
In 2011, clam production of Ben Tre and some provinces at the Mekong Delta decreases on that of last year due to lack of clam frying.
At present, clam is BESEACO’s main export item, representing about 70 percent of its total export revenue. EU is the company’s largest importer with 60 percent of its total export turnover.
At Vietfish 2011, BESEACO is looking forward to find more partners and business opportunities with their products.

Source: pangasius Vietnam



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