South Vina: Unstable pangasius export due to lack of raw material

In April 2011, Southern Fishery Industries Company (South Vina) recovered pangasius export after one month saw sharply decrease. In the first four months of 2011, the company exported over 4,400 MT of frozen pangasius, valued at US$11.6 million. Mexico, The U.S, Brazil…are the top importers of the company.

In April 2011 alone, South Vina exported over 1,000 MT of finished products, worth US$2.8 million, approximately equal to export value of the same period of 2010.

However, in March 2011, the company’s pangasius exports reduced 300 MT on that of February. According to South Vina, the company failed to reach the set target of exporting 1,000 MT per month because of lack of raw pangasius, surprisingly high input costs for production.

It is estimated that, in May 2011, the company’s frozen pangasius export volume is expected to reach 750 MT, valued at US$ 2 million.

According to the data released by Vietnam Custom Office, South Vina ranked the 12nd  in Vietnam’s biggest pangasius exporters up to mid-April 2011.

Source: VASEP


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