Tra Vinh to develop black tiger shrimp farming according to Global GAP Practices

Agriculture and Fishery Extension Center in Tra Vinh (a northern province in Vietnam) has established two models of black tiger shrimp farming according to Global GAP Practices with an aim to increase shrimp productivity, output, quality serving for consumption and export, ensure safety and hygiene for raw material resources for processing and exporting, earn more foreign currency to the country in 2011.

Models are carried out in Hiep My Dong (Cau Ngang district) and Hiep Thanh commune (Duyen Hai district) with two hectare area and 4 households.

Farmers participating in the model, must have area of 0.25-0.5 hectare and commit to using suitable feed and chemicals in compliance with GAP Practices. These farmers will be supplied 100 percent of seeds and 30 percent of feed cost. Besides, they are provided with training courses, necessary seminars.

In the farming process, farmers need to take notes their diary, store files from the early crop to trace the origin which contains: pond construction and innovation, seed selection, management of shrimp feed and farming environment, shrimp health, harvest and preservation, hazards to food safety and hygiene and solutions in aquaculture.

Above models are considered as a new farming practice with an aim to encourage farmers’ GAP effective application to their production towards a clean and sustainable agriculture industry.

Source: VASEP


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