Camau to enhance competitiveness of seafood products

In upcoming 5 years (2011 – 2015), Ca Mau, a southern province of Vietnam, strives to reach total seafood export turnover of US$5 billion or more with average value of US$1 billion per year. However, seafood processing and exporting industry in the province are facing with shortcomings, difficulties and challenges. The province should focus on solving these problems in order to bring seafood export to the cutting-edge industry.
In 2010, Ca Mau set target of US$1 billion in seafood export turnover, but reached only US$844 million due to lack of raw material for processing and exporting. Shortage of raw material is expected to continue for a long time.
Because raw material source plays a vital role in processing and exporting, Ca Mau focuses on implementing the project “Improving productivity and efficiency of rice-shrimp farming model”. Besides, the province farms 10,000 hectares of industrial shrimp and adjusts whiteleg shrimp farming planning, increases productivity of farmed shrimp under traditional models, focuses on developing other raw material sources (except for shrimp) such as crab, finfish, squid, clam, scallop, oyster.
Source: Pangasius Vietnam

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