Shrimp farming in Kien Giang

Kien Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said the Province has stocked shrimp in an area of 83,507 ha of brackish water surface, up 4.23% over the same period last year.

The industrial shrimp farming area reaches 1,285ha, improved extensive farming area 16,263ha, and rice-shrimp farming area 65,959ha. Shrimp develop well in most areas. Some have been harvested and yielded high profit. Shrimp output in the first five months of the year reached 9,465MT.

Kien Giang reported 11.4 percent of its total shrimp farming area (9,523ha) was loss-stricken due to unqualified juveniles, polluted water, prolonged hot weather and incompliance of farming schedule. The damaged area concentrates in U Minh Thuong district. However, 96.83 percent of such area has been environmentally improved, medicated and restocked.
Source: MARD

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