By 2015, Vietnam seafood export turnover to reach US$6,5 billion

On May 13th, 2011, the Directorate of Fisheries (D-FISH) and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) held a workshop “5 year draft plan for Vietnam’s fishery industry from 2011 to 2015” in order to discuss, collect suggestions for completion of a Plan serving for manufacturing management and direction, set sector’s annual plan.

The five-year development plan for the fishery sector (2011-2015) was built based on fishery development strategy to the year 2020, overall planning and development orientation to 2020 approved by Prime Minister, Mr. Vu Van Tam, Deputy Minister of MARD said.

Accordingly, in the next 5 years (2011 – 2015), the fishery sector will develop towards sustainable, become a major commodity producing sector, with high competitiveness and firm integration in the global economy and contribute to improving fishermen’s incomes and living conditions.

According to five-year draft plan, up to 2015, Vietnam’s fishery industry is expected to reach US$6,5 billion of seafood export turnover, 5.7 million MT of capture fisheries production with workforce of 4.8 million fishermen. To fulfill these objectives, the fishery sector will need VND29,235 billion of fund. Accordingly, the industry will focus on developing marine aquaculture and tilapia farming, industrial shipbuilding, ship-repairing, human resources training for the fishery sector; redistributing of population and establishing coastal fishing villages, islands under the criteria of new rural construction, development of fisheries community management.

The fishery sector will focus on measures such as quick, efficient, and sustainable fisheries growth to maintain the growth of industry, reduce the fishing boats in coastal waters, increase the number of offshore fishing boats associated with maritime security and defense works

Besides, the industry develops rapidly aquaculture in the direction of efficient, competitive and sustainable industrialization and modernization to become major manufacturing industry supplying raw materials for export processing  and domestic consumption.

The industry also enhances quality, food safety and hygiene to increase competitive competence and international integration as well as preserves and develops fish stocks associated with establishment of marine and inland reserves to improve environment and biodiversity quality, develops mechanical systems and services infrastructure for aquaculture producing.

Source: VASEP


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