Fishermen grappling with rising oil price

Da Nang marine area is coming in the most favourable fishing season of the year, however, a great number of ship are still staying on the eastern side of Han River, in Son Tra District, Da Nang City.

Oil price reached its pick of VND6,400 per litre after twice raising, pushing many fishermen into troubles. In fact, it took them averagely 20 – 25 days to operate offshore fishing, and the fleet needed over 8,000 litres (about VND60 million). Price of other products surged, but there was little change in caught marine fish.

The difficult situation made many fishermen lose their livelihood and led them to a poor life. Some try to go offshore to fish, but not in long time because the further they went, the less they earned.

“The rise of oil price push me leave our ship free, I do not know what to do and my family falls into difficulties now,” Nguyen Van Nhan, a fisherman in Son Tra district said. “Offshore fishing is too hard, but we do not earn much enough or even get losses. Fishermen are not thinking of going to fish offshore now. The State should pay attention to subsidize the oil price to encourage fishermen turn back to the sea,” Tran Lanh, other ship owner claimed.

Source: VASEP


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