Will the MSC label work in Asia?

It may seem like sustainable seafood is a long way from becoming a reality in China – but that could soon change. In the West, it’s a clear trend, Canada-based Clearwater Fin Food CEO Iain Smith. 

“We believe the long-term future for wild, sustainably-harvest seafood is a market that will grow,” Smith said. 

First and foremost, Smith said, we’ll see that growth continue in the Western markets as consumers willing to pay more for higher value-added products demand, among other things, products such as organic and products that are certified traceable.

“There will always be consumers out there willing to pay for it,” Smith said.

What’s most interesting, however, is that China, for example, has a growing middle class that eventually will demand that their seafood had the same cachet.

“As soon as you have more money, you eat more protein,” Smith said. “As soon as you have more protein, along comes market segmentation.”

Source: VASEP


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