GLOBALG.A.P presents in 2011 the new revised Version 4

For the Aquaculture Scope, a 4-year intensive revision work has led to a standard that provides any aquaculture operation worldwide the opportunity to demonstrate good aquaculture practices across major categories, e.g. any finfish, crustacean or mollusc farming activity can now apply for GLOBALG.A.P Aquaculture Certification.

• Aquaculture Version 4 is product of public consultations with more than 500 comments received from stakeholders representing 116 organizations worldwide that comprise certification bodies, retailers, research centers, universities, NGOs, suppliers, farmers, GLOBALG.A.P National Technical Working Groups for Aquaculture, producer organizations, scheme owners, consultants, the food service industry, the animal health industry, and metrology institutes. Trialled on all systems used for aquaculture.

• Food safety, is a main priority, with key criteria also identified for environmental (biodiversity inclusive) measures with animal welfare and workers welfare also given important consideration. Traceabilty is another important component covering all stages from broodstock, seedlings, on-grown farm and post harvest handling operations.

• Compound feed supplied to aquaculture farms is included on the scope coverage and auditing activities.

• GLOBALG.A.P pre-farm gate standards for Crops, Livestock and Aquaculture are Global Food Safety Initiative – GFSI recognized. For the aquaculture scope, this is unique in receiving this recognition worldwide.

• FAO Guidelines on Aquaculture Certification, since the initial drafts up to the recently launched version in 2011 were referenced with the GLOBALG.A.P Aquaculture revision for Version 4.

• Greenpeace assessment on the environmental criteria for Version 3 is now reflected in Version 4.

• IUCN tailored made criteria for Protected Areas, initially launched for the Shrimp Standard, is now applicable for all species seeking GLOBALG.A.P Aquaculture Certification.

• GLOBALG.A.P Risk Assessment on Social Practice – GRASP is a voluntary add-on module for those farms wishing to demonstrate risked based assessment on social practices at farm level.

• GLOBALG.A.P Number – GGN followed by the 13 digit number is available to place on packaging for the final consumer to enable an instant search on certified status via the GLOBALG.A.P website.

GLOBALG.A.P Aquaculture has approved 15 Accredited Certification Bodies, operating worldwide as third party certifiers with the highest level of professional excellence in this sector. The number of certified countries to date is 22, covering Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe.


The GLOBALG.A.P System offers to the already established pre-farm gate schemes the opportunity to be recognized and follow a globally harmonized tract through the benchmarking procedure, with the aim to make certification at farm level as efficient and cost effective as possible. Benchmarked schemes also receive the benefit of continuous performance monitoring through the GLOBALG.A.P Integrity Program.

SalmonG.A.P – The private salmon scheme of Chile, is proud to become the first recognized aquaculture scheme on this sector.



From the standard setting procedure for shrimp, GLOBALG.A.P is proud to demonstrate how cooperation with international NGOs forms part of the standard setting for specific topics, e.g. social criteria with Oxfam-Novib and environmental with IUCN.

WWF cooperation with GLOBALG.A.P, specific to the first Aquaculture Dialogue Standard released, the International Standard for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture – ISRTA. The result is the interim Letter of Conformance against ISRTA now issued on farms in Honduras and Indonesia with farms in Ecuador on the way to receiving it. ISRTA uses the highly qualified platform of approved GLOBALG.A.P Aquaculture auditors to perform joint audits GLOBALG.A.P – WWF Aquaculture Dialogues (Tilapia), resulting in efficiency and less costs for farms.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ project for Sustainable Supply Pangasius Chain involves GLOBALG.A.P Certification on this German Agency for International Development Service and Technical Cooperation.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam will sign during ESE a cooperation agreement with GLOBALG.A.P, focusing on capacity building and implementation support. This cooperation agreement will be signed at the GLOBALG.A.P Press Conference on 4 May 2011, from 11 to 12 h, Room 1122.


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