“Widen door” for Vietnam seafood to Japan

Japan is beginning to “revive” after double disasters. The countryconsumes 9 million MT of seafood per year, while domestic production capacity only reached 5.6 million MT. The demand for imported seafood is very large (more than 3.4 million MT per year).  For Vietnam seafood, Japan is  the third  biggest Japanese  importers with its import value of nearly $ 900 million in 2010.

Truong Dinh Hoe, General Secretary of Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers said the last few days, Vietnam seafood enterprises continued to receive requests from Japanese importers urged quick delivery.”Currently, Japanese people don’t eat domestic foods due to fear of radiation exposure. Its fish production is also  limited because the many  waters are contaminated by radiation. No power in the cold storage, thus the need for safe foods, especially seafood is generally very high  in Japan. ”

“Japanese consumers have not dared to use foods from domestic supply (in local regions surrounding the nuclear incident occurs), so our partners in Japanasked soon delivery” Mr. Ho Quoc Luc – CEO of FIMEX VN in Soc Trang southern province said. 70-80% of the company’s seafood production exported to Japan.

According to Minh Phu Seafood Corp in Ca Mau province, the leading shrimp exporter said “not only asked for soon delivery, many Japanese importers want to sign more contracts with us”.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Dung – Vice Director of the Competition Administration Department (Ministry of Trade and Industry), former Vietnam commercial counselor in Japan also confirmed the fact. Besides high demand of vegetables, seafood is a commodity group having export potential. Some waters in the country have been found to be radioactive. Japanese consumers simply could not use food products from the regions. Recent earthquake and tsunami have hindered catch activities of Japanese vessels. Instead, they are forced to increase imports. The Japanese really like shrimp and squid imported from Vietnam. Vietnam shrimp accounts for over 20% market share of imported shrimp in the country.

Currently, according to the experts: The risk of contaminated seafood will increase demand for imported marine fish from Japan, even now this country has imported 40% of this item.

Source: Vasep


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