Vietnamese tra fish faces nasty trick, once again

The false information released at “Pangasius Lie” by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the program broadcasted on German television one month ago, has made the demand for tra fish in the north of the Europe decrease dramatically.

At the 30 minute program, a fisheries expert of WWF, Catherine Zucco, said “tra fish are dangerous because they are being farmed on dirty waters.”

Right after the program was broadcasted, a retail group has stopped providing tra fish products on its supermarket chain in Denmark and Norway. Metrol has also stopped selling tra fish in Germany. The tra fish consumption in the north of the Europe has been decreasing sharply over the past several weeks, especially in Germany.

This is not for the first time WWF provided wrong information about Vietnam’s tra farming industry. In November 2010, WWF added Vietnamese tra fish into the red list – the list of products it advises people not to use. The list was seen in the consumer guideline handbook distributed in six EU countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway and Denmark.

The wrong information released by WWF does not truly reflect the tra fish farming industry in Vietnam. A lot of Vietnamese enterprises have been successfully applying the traceability system with modern technology, which allows to position with radio frequency. Twenty Vietnamese companies and 40 tra fish farming areas have got the Global GAP certificates granted by the EU.

After the working session between WWF’s and Vietnamese representatives in December 2010,  the red list was released, WWF has removed Vietnamese tra fish from the red list. WWF has also signed with the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), an agreement on long term cooperation to help tra fish get the certificate of global sustainable development.

Source: Vietnam Net


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