Kien Giang: Industrial shrimp farming area to amount to 5000-7000 ha in 2015

Kien Giang People’s Committee set the target to increase the industrial shrimp farming area to 5,000 – 7,000 ha in 2015. Accordingly, shrimp output is expected to reach around 45,000 – 63,000MT.
According to the agriculture sector’s report, in 2010, the province’s black tiger shrimp and Vannamei farming area exceeded 81,700ha with output of more than 34,700MT, up respectively 5.56 percent and 11.31 percent in comparison with 2009. The industrial farming area increased by 6.93 percent to 1,080ha and the output by 28.1 percent to 12,150MT. In order to achieve the targets, industrial shrimp farming development will be promoted with efficient planning and infrastructure in place.
The aquaculture planning in the key industrial shrimp farming districts will be reviewed and amended. There will also be planning for the marine, freshwater, blackish water aquaculture until 2015 and vision to 2020. The provincial authorities will call on investments into the breeding center in Phu Quoc island and the aquaculture irrigation system in Vam Rang – Ba Hon while encouraging good practices in environment and quality management as well as brand name building.
Source: Vietfish international

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