Seaprodex F16: High demand for Vanamei

Mr. Banh Quang Ha, director of Seaprodex Factory No.16 (F16), said Vannamei shrimp is the company’s single export item in Jan – Feb 2011.
Currently, vannamei supply in Binh Dinh and some central provinces is lagging behind processing demand. Shrimp selling price soared to the record high, up 40 percent in comparison with some late months of 2010, especially for large-sized of 26/30 and 31/40.
However, in the first two months of 2011, F16’s vannamei shrimp export still hit 250MT, worth US$1.27, mostly to South Korea, which accounting for 60 percent of F16’s export turnover. The success is attributed to the company’s great efforts in maintain raw material supply and increase processing capacity.
F16 plans to expand its raw material purchasing network, and invest around VND4 billion to acquire modern processing line.
Source: Vietfish International

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