ESE 2011

After the International Boston Seafood Show (IBSS 2011) in March, Seafood entrerpise in Vietnam continue to rush for the European Seafood Exposition (ESE 2011) held in May 3-5 in Brussels, Belgium.

This year, besides VASEP itself, 51 exhibitors from Viet Nam will attend this event (see the list below), showcasing various seafood products, ranging from Pangasius to shrimp, bivalve, cephalopods, tuna, seafish, etc. 
Many value-added products such as sushi, sashimi, breaded, stuffing, marinated, cocktail, etc will be on display, too. Particularly, Vinh Hoan will offer its  Provocake and  Deliburg – the finalists of the Seafood Prix d’Elite competition 2011 during this event.  2148).
All the boots will be found in Hall 9 (booth number 4046, 9-4059, 9-4074, 4165), except for Aseafood’s booth, which is located in Hall 11 (booth number 2148)

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