Mollusk and bivalve exports increased in Jan – Feb 2011

Mollusk and bivalve exports in the first 2 months of the year increases in all major markets.

According to Viet Nam Custom General Directorate, in Jan – Feb 2011, mollusk (squid, cuttlefish and octopus) exports reached 11,891MT, worth nearly US$56.5 million, up 25.9 percent in volume and 41.6 percent in value. Three largest importers were South Korea, Japanand EU. Exports to these three markets all experienced a high growth rate, especially exports to EU increased 79 percent over the same period of last year. It is reported the demand for these products in this market is in upward trend, despite the unstable economic situation.

In Jan – Feb, Viet Nam shipped 4,250MT of bivalve, worth US$12.4 million, up 3 percent in volume and 3.7 percent in value over the same period of last year. Three largest markets were EU, Japan and the US. Exports to EU – the largest market – amounted to US$7.5 million, accounting for nearly 61 percent of the country’s total bivalve export value, followed by Japan (12.9 percent) and the US (10.5 percent).

Most of traditional markets of Vietnamese bivalve showed high growth rate, especially the US, Italy andSpain.



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