Metro Cash&Carry to developp integrated fish value chain

Metro Cash & Carry plans to build up its high quality integrated fresh fish chain for the Vietnamese domestic market in the Mekong Delta region.

The firm has introduced Metro fish buying station as a part of a fish farmer owner project in the region aiming to get their awareness about the necessity of improving fish production’s quality.

Randy Guttery, managing director of Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam, said: “Direct sourcing is one of the key buying strategies that we have successfully developed in fruits and vegetables. Now is the fish. Recently the group also evaluate direct sourcing a strategy that strengthens small producers and benefits to us our suppliers and the local government.”

The project targets to supply fresh and high quality fish to all of its wholesale centres through out the country. The company is working with the Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture to set up and develop METROGAP standards in fishery.

“A comprehensive training programme for the platform and METROGAP has been placed for 2,000 farmers,” added Guttery.

Source: Vietnam News

You want to read more? To read the article published in the Saigon Daily time, click here:

Metro to develop integrated fish chain inVietnam



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