CL-Fish: Pangasius volume in the first growing season may reach 12,000 tons

The Cuu Long Fish Joint Stock Company (CL-Fish Co.) said, in 2010, the company reached VND 60.08 billion of net profit, up 15% in compared with the same period of 2009, completing 86% of its yearly target.

According to the Vietnam Customs’ report, in 2010, CL-Fish ranked the 6th among pangasius export companies and was in the top 20 largest seafood exporters in Vietnam.

CL-Fish said it has processed the first 1,000 tons of pangasius raised in the company’s 50 hectares farming area. The pangasius volume is expected to reach 12,000 tons for the period of February – May 2011, and it will rise to 20,000 – 25,000 tons for the whole year, satisfying 50 – 60% of production capacity of its plant. If the raw material pangasius price remains at around VND 23.500/kg, it is hopeful that CL-Fish will gain an great amount profit of VND 50 – 60 billion.

The company’s Chairwoman – General Director Tran Thi Van Loan reveals that CL-Fish applied Global GAP standards in its pangasius farming area and was trying to get Global GAP certification for its entire farming area in An Giang and Dong Thap provinces.



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