Development scheme for aquaculture by 2020

The scheme by 2020 was approved in 2020 with the objective ofachieving export turnover of 5 to US$5.5 billion.

By 2015 aquaculture production is targeted at 3.6 million tons on an area of ​​1.1 million hectares, export value will reach US$3.5billion to US$4 billion, creating jobs for about 3 million people. 

By 2020 aquaculture production will reach 4.5 million tons on an area of ​​1.2 million hectares, export reach US$5 billion to US$5.5 billion, creating jobs for some 3.5 million people. In which pangasius output will be around 1.5 – 2 million tons with an average growth of 4.85% per year. Brackish water shrimp output will reach 700,000 tons, growing at an average 5.76% per year.

There will be focus on plan to shift from extensive farming to semi-intensive and intensive farming in the Ca Mau peninsula, the industrial farming in coastal areas, the Red River and the Mekong River Delta for major species: pangasius, black tiger shrimp, whiteleg shrimp, mollusk…

The planning will also be aimed at reorganizing the small facilities in the form of cooperative management, the associations to increase production and consumption.

The scheme also focuses on investment in infrastructure development for aquaculture and establishing three research and testing centers in three regions, import more advanced technology from abroad.

Source: VASEP


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