Mekong River delta focuses on agricultural and rural development

Mekong River delta provinces are focusing on agricultural production and the training of rural workers to create sustainable development for the region.

Leaders of provinces said that provinces would produce 2-3 rice seasons per year on nearly 2 million hectares of land, bringing rice production in a year to 3.8 million hectares, with a productivity of 21-22 million tons, satisfying the demand for export.

Vietnam Government Portal reported that in terms of fisheries production, provinces are restructuring the industry to raise the quality of the products. As planned, Mekong River delta provinces will bring 6,000-6,300 hectares of water surface to raise tra fish, an increase of 600-800 hectares, focusing in Dong Thap, An Giang and Ben Tre provinces and Can Tho City.

In 2011, the whole region will strive to achieve 1.3 million tons in productivity, including 600,000-650,000 tons for export.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will upgrade four high quality tra fish breeding centres, and install laboratories for localities in nine provinces and cities that are planning to raise tra fish.

In Ca Mau province alone, projects on shrimp and rice are being carried out, with a target to obtain an export turnover of USD one billion and expand the rice production area.

In term of vocational training for rural workers, in 2011 the region plans to train 150,000 rural and ethnic minority workers, an increase of 25,000 workers compared to 2010.

Source: CPV


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