Cambodia Nautisco Seafood Manufacturing, Ltd and shrimp production

Sam Peou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nautisco Seafood Manufacturing, Ltd., a shrimp processor, has signed export contracts with two Japanese companies: Honda Suisane and Kyokuyo.  After signing the contracts, he said his monthly exports jumped 50%.  The $3 million Nautisco plant can process 15 tons of shrimp a day  and is seeking foreign investment to build a $15 million, 200-hectare shrimp farm.

Sam Nouv, Deputy Director of Cambodia’s Fisheries Administration, said, “In order to increase shrimp production and to sustain exports, the fishery administration has encouraged farmers as well as private companies to establish more farms.”

In June 2011, Cambodia plans to open its first marine hatchery in Preah Sihanouk Province.  Funded by Japan, the $10 million hatchery will sell seedstock to fish farmers—and to crab, lobster and shrimp farmers.

Ung Puth Molika, manager of the Angkor Shrimp Farming Company, said she welcomed the hatchery’s launch, saying it would be easier and cheaper to buy locally produced seedstock than importing it from abroad.


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