Jan 2011: Strong growth in tuna export


In Jan 2011, 51 companies involved in processing and exporting tuna products to 44 markets worldwide, said Viet Nam General Customs Office.

Tuna export in this period reached 8,256MT, totaled US$37.168 million, representing 8.6 percent of the country’s total seafood export value.

Tuna export increased both in volume and value, up nearly 38 percent and 62.6 percent respectively, and obtained the highest growth rate in comparison with other export staple items.

Three most important markets were the US (US$21.9 million, accounting for 59 percent of total export value), EU (15.6 percent, US$5.8 million), and Japan (10 percent, US$3.7 million).

The average unit price was US$4.5 per kilo, much higher than US$3.8 per kilo of the previous year. Unit export price to the US and Japan was the highest and much higher year-on-year.

It is predicted tuna export will keep growing in the coming months due to increasing demand in the US, EU, Israel, and Canada.

Export to Japan, however, might be adversely impacted by the recent catastrophe of tsunami and earthquake.

Source: Vietfish News


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