Baria – Vungtau sustainably develops the shrimp farming industry

According to the assessment of agriculture industry, the shrimp farmingarea of Baria –Vung Tau now is about  7,400 ha under the popularfarming models such as extensive and improved extensive; intensiveand semi-intensive.

In 2006, black tiger shrimp push thousands ofshrimp farmers into difficulties due to rampant farming and outbreak of disease in shrimp.

In 2008, black tiger shrimp farming was no longer effective, farmers changed to farm vannamei. Unlike black tiger shrimp, whiteleg shrimp has more advantages such as disease resistance and fast growth. Suppliers produce seed in accordance with each region to reduce risks for farmers. Besides, farmers are guided on the technique, care and management of farming ponds, so the yield is higher.

To develop sustainably the shrimp farming industry, it is necessary to take more specific measures of infrastructure, financial resources, technology science, production organization and especially output for products. Thus, immediately the province needs to review the farming planning; farmers need to comply with the technical process of shrimp farming, well implement the quarantine and control of seed quality, improve the infrastructure of farming ponds and associate with the processing establishments to find and develop the outputs for shrimp. In addition, farmers need to be aware and voluntarily protect the environment in the farming areas.

Source: VASEP



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