QVD applauds McCain pangasius bill

QVD Aquaculture sent a letter to U.S. senator John McCain over his bill to rescind a provision in the 2008 Farm Bill that aims to inhibit Vietnamese catfish imports as well as catfish imports of other potential trade partners.

The full letter is below:

Office of Senator John McCain

241 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Office of Senator Tom Coburn, M.D.

172 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senators McCain and Coburn:

As the head of QVD Aquaculture, an aquaculture company with operations in Vietnam, Singapore, and the United States, I applaud your courage to stand up to special interest groups and protectionist actions that put our country’s strategic trade relationship with Vietnam at risk.

Your introduction of S. 496, a bill to amend the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act to repeal a duplicative program relating to inspection and grading of catfish, gives me hope that our country is still willing to stay true to its mission of free trade. We view the prospect of mandatory USDA inspections as not only onerous, duplicative, and costly, but also a barrier to entry into the U.S. market, because we know very well that it might take years to establish equivalency in inspection programs while costing the American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, while not increasing the safety of seafood.

Those of us who produce seafood for global markets already participate in mandatory programs such as HACCP as well as several voluntary certifications — like USDC and BRC — aimed at keeping the food we produce as safe as possible for our families, friends, and customers.

The sign of true leadership is found in those who step out in the heat of battle, willing to sacrifice everything for a cause and a noble purpose. I’m confident that our country will continue to thrive under this kind of leadership and will hopefully one day stop special interest groups whose self-serving actions may cost this country its true global leadership position.

Thank you again for your continued service to our country and making us truly proud to be Americans.


Chris December



Source: Pangasius Vietnam



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