Tra Vinh: EUR265,500 granted for the sustainable Pangasius supply chain program

The program is applied in all small and medium scaled farming communities, farmer association, cooperative, involved in Pangasius farming at the localities. The program has been carried out for 2 years, from 2010 to 2012

The Provincial People’s Committee has recently approved for the co-ordinate panel of the IMPP – TV (Program to improve the poor’s participation into the market in Tra Vinh) to receive a financial aid of EUR264,542 (or VND7.6 billion) from the Sustainable Pangasius Supply Chain Program, funded by GTZ (Germany Technical Cooperation), IDH (The Netherlands Initiative for Sustainable Commerce), WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and Global GAP to support farmers, processors and feed producers to comply with international standards on sustainable Pangasius prodiction and marketing as certified for European customers.

Tra Vinh has more than 100ha for Pangasius export production, with an output of more than 20,000MT of commercial fish. According to the provincial development plan to 2015, the province will have 2,710ha for Pangasius farming with an output of 200,000MT, in 2020 with 3,871ha and 290,000MT.

Source: MARD



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