New Documentary from WWF on pangasius: NOT ACCEPTABLE!

On 12 March 2011, WWF broadcasted a documentary on the pangasius industry made in the Mekong Vietnam in November 2010. The team was lead by Ms. Catherine Zucco… a so called expert in fish.

It seems that they manipulated their host and did such documentary in order to discredit the pangasius industry.

Such documentary is not acceptable as it only exist to make noise around WWF and their rating system.

Of course image is image and cannot be false, but they have to be very careful on what they say. I work since 4 years in Mekong Delta and the pangasius industry, of course the industry need improvement, but producing 1.15 million tons within 5600 ha is quite a performance…

Maybe it is a good marketing tool to promote their “sustainable ASC standards??”, but… but… that would mean that WWF is not impartial???

You can have a look at the documentary on youtube:

Part 1 and Part 2

Please give us your feeling about such initiative from WWF !!!

Vietnam must react!



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