AGIFISH: Export turnover reaches US$14 Mln in Jan-Feb 2011

Agifish repored its revenue, export turnover and post-tax profit last year amounted to respectively VND 1,786 billion, US$ 61 million and VND 48.41 billion.

Last year, Agifish purchased more than 56,000MT of raw materials, including 14,500MT of Pangasius in the last quarter of 2010. On average, the company’s daily processing capacity reached 200MT.

To overcome a shortage of raw material, which is predicted to persist this year, Agifish has enlarged its farming area and tighten cooperation with farmers. Since late 2010, Agifish has put in place flexible payment methods, for example cash upon delivery, to gain the suppliers’ confidence. This policy enables Agifish to secure raw material for the whole year 2011.

Agifish received a US$20 million order from foreign customer for Q1/2011. In Jan-Feb, the company earned US$14 million in export turnover, including nearly US$8 million in Jan. The company expects export turnover will reach US$65 million this year.



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