Godaco: Export clam favorably since early year

Currently, raw pangasius price in the Mekong Delta River is increasing rapidly, so many enterprises concern that export price does not keep up with it. Mr. Nguyen Van Dao – General Director of Godaco Seafood Joint Stock Company (Godaco) said plants that purchased all raw materials from outside farmers will face many difficulties.

Due to predict this situation, the company invested in its farming area with total area of 100 ha and supply fish for 70 percent of its capacity. In 2011, Godaco will add more 30 ha to serve better raw material for processing plants.

In 2010, pangasius export of Godaco increased 15 percent in volume and 20 percent in value because of active raw material sources and stable human resources. EU was the most stable importer of the company with 60 percent of total export value. Besides, pangasius export to some new markets in South America, Middle East and Asia is better.

As reported in January 2011, Godaco exported 1,500 MT of finished products, worth US$4 million. The company sets an export target of 16 thousand tons of seafood (US$35 million) in 2011.

Early 2011, clam export of Godaco is stable, in which Europe accounts for 80 percent and Asia – 20 percent. Mr. Dao said at the same time, export activities of the company are firm on price, raw materials and interest rate.



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