Agifish: Total revenue increased 23% in 2010

An Giang Fisheries Import and Export Joint Stock Company (Agifish) has summarized its production and business in 2010 as well as development orientation for 2011.

In 2010, total revenue of Agifish reached more than VND1,700 billion, up 23 percent over the previous year; its export volume reached 27,800 MT with the total turnover of US$61 million. Its earnings before tax was more than VND81.5 billion, up 352 percent compared to 2009 and the payment for the budget was more than VND70 billion.

The company’s targeted revenue in 2010 was VND1,500 billion and its earnings before tax was VND 80 billion. With these results, Agifish completed over 18.7 percent of the revenue plan and 1.9 percent of the earnings before tax plan.

In 2011, the company plans to maintain its exported seafood volume; raises its export turnover to US$65 million and creates the regular jobs for over 2,000 employees at the factory.

In 2010, Agifish was one of the four largest pangasius exporters of Vietnam, only after Vinh Hoan Corp, Hung Vuong Corp and Anvifish Co.

At the same time, Hung Vuong Corp bought Agifish. This merger took advantages of 2 both enterprises on available exporting markets, farming areas, labor force and facilities.

Source: VASEP


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