Circular No.01: Start applying new C/O form E from 1st March, 2011

On 14th January, 2011 the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular No.01/2011/TT-BCT 36/2010/TT-BCT on amending Circular dated on 15th November, 2010 of the Ministry of Commerce on implementing the amended Procedure Rules of origin issue and check and the rules for specific items under the Harmonized System 2007 of the ACFTA Agreement.

Accordingly, the application time of new C/O form E in Circular No.36/2010/TT-BCT is from 1st March, 2011, instead of 1st January, 2011 as defined previously.

Also, imported consignments from China, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand came to the border since 1st March, 2011, so to enjoy the preferential treatment under the ACFTA Agreement, the consignments must use new C/O form E under Circular No.36.

Exported consignments to China, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand that want to be enjoyed the preferential treatment of these countries under the ACFTA Agreement must also use new C/O form E.

Imported consignments from Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines is to continue to use old C/O form E under Decision No.12/2007/QD-BTM until the new regulations. Circular also abolished Clause 4 of Article 1 of Circular No.36/2010/TT-BCT on the application of old C/O form E from 1st July, 2011.

The amendments will take effect from 1st March, 2011.


Source: Pangasius Vietnam




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