WWF/ASC Poised to Launch Certification Standards for Farmed Shrimp

Co-founded in 2009 by the World Wide Fund (WWF) and the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative,Council (ASC) is poised to launch its certification standards for shrimp.  Jose Villalon, director of aquaculture for WWF, said the standards should be completed by the end of March 2011.  “After the completion of each standard, there’s a period of about six to eight months to complete the guidance document for implementation,” said Villalon.  “Obviously, the ASC can’t do anything until they receive that guidance document.  …ASC is about improvement over time.”

Villalon said when our “outreach” is completed and the major retailers and foodservice suppliers understand the ASC difference, “That’s when you’ll see the value of what we’re doing.”

Philip Smith,  CEO of the ASC, acknowledged that while a huge amount of emphasis has been placed on the WWF-directed Aquaculture Dialogue process, lots of attention is needed elsewhere, such as a thorough look at chain-of-custody assessments.

Peter Hajipieris, director of sustainability and external affairs with Birds Eye Iglo and a member of the ASC supervisory board, said the first ASC-branded products are likely to appear in retail markets toward the end of 2011.  He said work is still being done on the design of the ASC logo that will be used on ASC-certified products.

This is the first time an aquaculture standard has been created under the ISEAL (International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labeling Alliance) code.



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