Vietnam: New circular on traceability and quality

On 21st January, 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued Circular No.03/2011/TT-BNNPTNT regulating the traceability and recall of low quality products  in the fisheries sector.

This Circular regulates the principles and procedures for traceability and products recall that does not guarantee the quality and food safety in the fisheries sector; the responsibilities of organizations and individuals involved in the production and business processes in the fisheries sector as well as other relevant agencies in implementing this Circular.

New regulations are applied to the production and business establishments in the fisheries sector (hereinafter called the establishments), including:

– Fishing fleets with the main capacity of 50 CV or more; the aquatic-feed production and business establishments; the production and business establishments of chemicals, treatments and aquaculture environment improvement; the production and business establishments of seed/ commercial hatchery and aquaculture establishments;

– Independent ice production establishments for seafood preservation and processing; the establishments of seafood purchasing, processing, packing and preservation for domestic consumption.

– Seafood processing fleets for export; the establishments of live bivalve cleaning and supply; independent cold storages for seafood preservation; the establishments of seafood processing and packing for export.



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