Pangasius production and marketing: Focus on quality

On January 18, 2011, in Can Tho city, the Steering Committee for Pangasius Production and Marketing held a conference on development management of the sector in the year 2011.


Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and Director of the Fisheries Directorate (D-Fish), Mr. Vu Van Tam chaired the meeting. Participants included D-Fish Deputy Director Pham Anh Tuan; officials from the provincial agriculture and rural development departments (DARD); related ministries, sectors, enterprises and farmers; and professional associations.

According to the 2010 summary report, through December 30, 2010, nearly 2.4 billion of fish fries have been stocked in 5,400ha of farming area in the Mekong Delta. Pangasius output of the region is estimated more than 1.1 million MT. Pangasius export turnover is expected to reach US$1.4 billion with export volume of 645,000MT.

Pangasius farming area in Dong Thap province decreased to 1,580ha in 2010, with an output of 291,000MT and export turnover of US$299 million. Mr. Dang Ngoc Loi, Deputy Chief of Dong Thap DARD said “With one breeding center at national level, five hatcheries at district level and many small hatcheries, Dong Thap can provide 1.3 billion Pangasius juveniles annually, meeting demand of local farmers. In 2011, Dong Thap strives to increase Pangasius farming area to 2,000ha, with an output of 300,000MT.

According to Director of Can Tho DARD, in 2010, the province has already implement the Pangasius farming area planning, reduced the number of small-scale farms, and expanded concentrated farming area. By the end of 2010, Can Tho had 750ha for Pangasius farming, with an output of 230,000MT, a decrease of 5 percent over the previous year. In 2011, Can Tho will focus on strengthening the links between four stakeholders in the Pangasius chain: farmers, processors, feed producers and seed providers.

Most participants at the conference stressed on the importance of Pangasius output management in 2011. Mr. Nguyen Huu Dung, Vice Chairman of VASEP, said D-Fish and the Steering Committee should ask Viet Nam government to focus on quality instead of volume in Pangasius production. Mr. Duong Ngoc Minh, Director of Hung Vuong Corp, said “If we have to assure the higher output by year, we will not have advantages in Pangasius production and export. It is now essential to have quality standards as soon as possible.”

This year, D-Fish will concentrate on building VietGAP – Viet Nam’s standards for the certification of production processes of agricultural and aquaculture products.

Pangasius production in 2011 is planed to reach 1.2 to 1.3 million MT in 2010, with an export turnover of US$1.45 to 1.5 billion.

In his closing speech to the conference, Mr. Tam pointed out following solutions to consolidate Pangasius production in 2011:

1-      Intensifying propaganda campaign for Pangasius as a safe, hygiene, delicious and cheap seafood product.

2-      Transferring 100,000 improved quality Pangasius broodstock to the major Pangasius producing provinces in Mekong delta. And strengthening application of scientific and technologies achievements in socializing Pangasius breeding production.

3-      Fisheries sector in close collaboration with the State Bank try to provide up to 70 percent of the investment demand of farmers and producers in 2011.

4-      Tightening the inspection of input factors according to the Decision No.172 and better controlling epidemic and diseases.

5-      Establishing different types of linkage between professional associations related to Pangasius production.


Source: Vietfish



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